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My Journey

So here I am, 74 years of age and finally got my first website. I like to think of myself as a late developer !!

My love of painting has been with me for as long as I can remember. My first oil painting being a palette knife portrait of my Father executed when I was 11 years old.

I still have it stored away with the other detritus of my life in a garage.

Now we have Lockdown No 3 as a result of COVID. Everyone of us has been affected one way or another. I was due to hold two solo exhibitions in 2020, one in Paris and the other in the UK, obviously both now cancelled, so hence the website.

My life to this point has been long and eventful to say the least, and not exactly the easiest of journeys. My artistic ambitions having been held in tight check for years, until we moved to Andalucia. Here I lost a Husband, but regained my love of painting thanks to the Late John E Wright.

Having lived and worked in three different countries outside the UK:- Cyprus, Spain and latterly France, I realised it was quite a different ballgame to visiting numerous countries on holiday. One has time to absorb and study at close hand, The Traditions, The People,The Landscape and most importantly The Light.

This was when I was awoken by colour and the effect of light on colour. Not many of my paintings are dull or monotone. There have been a few but they have blended into the background.

So there you have a quick precis of my life. More blogs to follow of my ongoing journey and some that dip into my past.Bye for now and keep safe wherever you may be.